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Best price tomato in USA

Tomato is a vegetable with a fruity, juicy fruit. It is a native plant of South and Central America that was transferred to the rest of the world during the Spanish colonial period. Different varieties of this plant are grown all over the world today. Of course, “tomatoes” are horticultural and lack the kernel of vegetables. Tomatoes are high in vitamin C and lycopene.if you want to know about tomato cultivation, The most important tomato, Tactic tomato for sale, Proposal tomato for export; stay with us.

Best price tomato in USA

How can we grow tomatoes at the lowest cost?

How can we grow tomatoes at the lowest cost? Tomato is the most popular and common greenhouse product in the world. Using the right temperature controls and providing plenty of light, greenhouse growers can harvest tomatoes twice a year in most parts of the world. The conditions inside the greenhouse need to be carefully managed so that plants do not become diseased and that the flowers are pollinated properly.

Check the temperature. Tomatoes usually grow better in the temperature range of 21 ° C to 67 ° C and in the night in the temperature range of 16 to 18 ° C. Before planting tomatoes, make sure you are able to provide these temperatures for several months.

Choose a specific type of tomato. There are thousands of varieties of tomatoes you can find around your growers. Here are some general tips and guidelines that can be used in all geographical areas: There are some tomato varieties on the market that are known as greenhouse varieties. These cultivars are more resistant to greenhouse conditions. Mentioning the letters VFNT and A after the name of each tomato species means that it is resistant to the disease.

Conditions of tomato cultivation in Iran

Iran is the seventh producer of this crop in the world with about 150,000 hectares under cultivation and production of 5.8 million tons of tomatoes per year.

India is the world’s first producer of 130 million tonnes of tomatoes annually and China is the world’s second largest producer of more than 32.5 million tonnes. The United States, Turkey, Italy, Brazil, Iran, Spain, Mexico and Russia are the largest tomato growers in the world and Spain, Italy and Greece are the largest exporters of processed tomatoes.

What is the best brand of tomato?

 What is the best brand of tomato?Summer tomato production is in Varamin, Tarom, Mashhad, Shiraz, Marand, Miandoab, Qazvin, Gorgan, Ghasr Shirin (Kermanshah Province), Poldokhtar, Azna (Lorestan Province), Isfahan and Shahrood and Bushehr, Minab and Bandar Abbas province. Lamard (Fars Province) are our winter tomato harvesters in our country. Iran is one of the exporters of tomatoes and tomato paste to Iraq, Russia, United Arab Emirates, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Romania and Italy.

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