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Best tomato price today 2020

Nutritionists call the tomato a task-force diet that performs extra-nutritional cooking without going through preparations because the tomato prevents disease and sends health factors to all parts of the body. An average tomato contains 22 calories – 0 g fat – 5 g carbohydrate – 1 g protein. Tomatoes are a rich source of vitamin C and folic acid. Tomatoes have a wide range of nutritional benefits and are known for being antioxidant – lycopene – lipoic acid – folic acid and lutein. if you want to know about tomato price today, tomato price today in kolar, 1 kg tomato price in india today; stay with us.

Best tomato price today 2020

tomato price today from traders

tomato price today from tradersThe price of tomatoes and, consequently, the price of tomatoes in West Azerbaijan has increased in recent weeks, but this increase has not had much to do with economic conditions. . Tomato is one of the main items in the food basket of Iranian households. In addition to fresh food and its use in various foods, tomato paste is widely used for natural coloring of foods. The nutrient status was good and acceptable for about three weeks, but in the past three weeks the price has suddenly increased, which is likely due to the arrival of pasta season in areas such as West Azerbaijan. Some people attributed the lack of program or economic conditions to this price increase, but in fact the decline in crop yields was the most important factor in this price change due to the low crop value added in the past crop year.

Although tomato paste is one of the necessities of food among the citizens, due to rising prices, it is not possible to supply it. The lowest figure for cooperative tomato paste is around 20,000 tomans per kilogram, which is estimated to be at least 2.5 times its price last year. Tomatoes that have been used in various ways for the past few weeks have now reached 2,000 to 3,000 kilograms. The area under cultivation of tomatoes last year was 7,000 hectares, up from 57 percent last year and 4,000 hectares.

tomato quality grades

tomato quality gradesThe price of tomatoes in the greens is not a specific price and determines the marketers and market needs. In summer, tomato paste prices rise significantly due to high demand for tomato paste. It should not be forgotten, however, that the huge 6,000-ton factory never engages in over-the-field purchases, or tomato growers, or pre-season crops before the heat season arrives. They buy in full. The difference between a tomato and a conventional tomato is the amount of ribeye that can be obtained. The importance of tomato to a paste investor. If you need to produce a larger volume of paste, the tomato selected for the paste should have features that can be extracted as much as possible. Tomatoes have a stronger, so-called meaty texture than other tomato species, and usually have fewer grains and less water content. This means that less preparation is needed to produce the paste, and the amount of paste it can produce is far higher than other tomatoes.

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