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freeze dried pomegranate| Dried Pomegranate For Export In Bulk Packing

Pomegranates are one of the fruits that have many health benefits but are not found in all seasons of the year. One of the best ways to store this fruit is to dry it and freeze it. Among the fruits that are not usually found in many countries, pomegranate is an odd fruit to many forigners. fortunately, our country, Iran is blessed with this valuable fruit whose several advantages have been already discovered. hence, freeze dried pomegranate has recently caught the attention of many merchants as a source of safe and sustainable commodity. 

freeze dried pomegranate| Dried Pomegranate For Export In Bulk Packing

Where to find pomegranate seeds in Australia?

Where to find pomegranate seeds in Australia?In the ancient times, pomegranates used to be cultivated only in Iran and India while now they are found even in other regions of the world. Australia has also provided suitable infrastructure for its farmers to grow this delicious fruit. despite the fact that pomegranate is native to iran and india, it grows very well in western Australia. pomegranate is found in grocery stores in this country during harvest season (February). people can also buy refrigerated or dried pomegranate seeds in supermarkets at other times of the year. pomegranate producers in Australia also sell dried pomegranate seeds Australia online which means it is even easier to buy pomegranate seeds than it seems. 

Are dried seeds better than fresh ones?

Are dried seeds better than fresh ones?Dried fruits are of a high importance in development of exports. inappropriate distribution of food sources and agricultural products as well as seasonal and local limitations of production of many foods and vegetables are some of some of the most prominent reasons why traders focus on selling fried fruits. on the other hand, high transportation cost for fresh fruits and vegetables and limited maintenance time in addition to special climate conditions causes many countries to demand these types of foods even more. having said above, there is a huge capacity for investment on selling dried fruits.

Drying causes some negative effects on fruits due to reduction or elimination of some vitamins for instance: vitamin C and acid fullic. however, some advantages of fruits also become more than fresh ones. in fact since the volume of fruits decreases after drying, the nutritious value per volume unite rises. dried fruits are high in fiber, selenium and potassium which makes them a good choice for people suffering the lack of these nutrients. dried pomegranate seeds coles richly contain vitamins C and K as well as the minerals potassium and copper. 

How do you freeze pomegranate arils?

How do you freeze pomegranate arils?As mentioned above, pomegranate is frozen for use in seasons that it is not available in grocery stores. there are certain equipment needed for freezing pomegranate seeds including: 

  • a knife for cutting the fruit
  • a spoon to get the seeds out
  • a plastic container to keep the seeds in refrigerator
  • marker and label

you should select pomegranates that are red and heavy for their size. Open the pomegranate using a knife and pour the arills in the bowl. Fill an ice cube tray with pomegranate seeds or sun dry them beforehand. Cover the ice tray and place it in the freezer. Remove the ice cube tray from the freezer after the seeds are frozen. Put the frozen seeds in a freezer safe bag and put them back in the freezer

Which is better for pomegranate? Drying or Freezing?

Which is better for pomegranate? Drying or Freezing?Freezing tends to involve minimal processing, with only brief heat treatment before freezing to stop enzymes breaking down the fruit that would otherwise lead to spoilage and flavour changes. Dried fruit can also be six times higher in energy than their fresh equivalents, due to a concentration effect through the removal of water. So, if you are trying to watch your weight, it would be sensible to watch your serve sizes of dried fruits. Drying increases levels of some vitamins and minerals, again through the effect of concentrating the nutrients when water is lost. This means a 30g serve of dried apricots can contain over 5% the daily recommended intake of iron; you would need to eat 175g of fresh apricots to get the same amount. So it is not possible to say dried pomegranate or frozen pomegranate and you have to choose between two depending on your needs.

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